Have you been identified as a scientific marvel in your multitasking capabilities? Do you believe your higher purpose has been to massacre all Comic Sans text design? Does the hair on the back of your neck prick up when you sense someone thinking, “Design is just an expensive luxury”? If you find yourself head bobbing to these inquiries, jump for joy. We’re looking for you. These quirky qualities are the ones the Myriad Design team seeks to harness in order to grow their award-winning power squad.  

A Myriad UX/UI Designer has a very dynamic daily life. As the architects behind the user experience of each client project, Myriad UX/UI Designers peer through empathetic lenses in order to understand the best experience for the end user. Our UX/UI Designers collaborate together within Sketch, Adobe suite, HTML and CSS to create beautiful, visually pleasing designs for clients. Our design team is among the first touchpoint with clients. As the expert eye of the office, our designers also connect with all internal teams. Utilizing their attention to detail, trend awareness, and team IQ, Myriad Designers are a force that adds functionality and beauty to any project they touch.

To succeed as a Myriad UX/UI Designer, you would need to have professional experience in designing user friendly, responsive, delightfully functional projects. Things around here move faster than a North Dakota summer. This means we need our future UX/UI Designer teammate to be able to pick up, run, and self manage with client work. A thriving Myriad UX/UI Designer means that your written and verbal communication skills are rocking. You aren’t afraid to showcase your work for clients in an articulate way, as well as toss up a high five and finger guns to your Myriad teammates in the hallway, because you work together all the time. As important as it is to be able to communicate, a successful Myriad UX/UI Designer can listen. Our design team flourishes on the ability to receive and implement critiques gracefully. You know growth comes from constructive criticism and you sniff it out as much as you can. If you believe you could be the newest member of our team, we’ll want to sniff you out too.

Please send your resumé and a brief email to jobs@myriadmobile.com

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