What We Do

At Myriad Mobile we believe that each client is unique. You’ve invested time, sweat, and maybe a few tears in your business. You deserve more than a prefabricated cookie cutter mobile app.

We are living in a technological renaissance, and having a high functioning, well designed mobile app has surpassed the “want” phase to become a need for most businesses. We understand that each industry and client is different and has specific industry related needs, that’s why our dedicated team of strategist will work with you and your team to craft a mobile app that is befitting your brand’s name and hard-won prestige.

With a flexible and creative approach to mobile app development, you’ll receive the mobile app you need with all the features and capabilities you want.

Mobile and
Web Consulting

Mobile development is a complicated process. It requires a passionate team that will stay current with today’s latest technology while retaining effective communication through every step of the development process. At Myriad, we believe in a hands-on approach, and that’s why we refuse to offshore even a single line of code. By keeping everything in-house, we are able to meet deadlines and keep you apprised of every change and advancement made during your app’s development process.

Our team of mobile engineers are experts in iOS, Android, and Web development. They work hard to ensure your brand receives a full and seamless mobile integration. Have a preexisting database, proprietary software, or web-based site? Not a problem. Using predetermined functional requirements, we will review potential integrations to determine functionality and feasibility for use within your new app. This process can also include assessing existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and individual web portal needs.

Through a series of discovery meetings, we partner with you to gather your foundational application requirements and assess the value and priority of each feature. We will provide you with a Functional Requirements Document that includes a project overview, baseline technical platform requirements, and functional requirements segmented by feature. This will help you and your team stay in sync with our team throughout the development phase of your project.

Suddenly realize that you need a new function in your app after we’ve started working together? Not a problem, we anticipate change and therefore use agile development tactics. Our team believes that systematic feedback during the development process allows us to dig deeper and set our standards higher.

Myriad Mobile

Mobile App Development Tools

Our innovative team utilizes a broad spectrum of mobile app development tools and tactics to keep your project on track, such as App Flow Diagrams. As deemed necessary for the project, our team will create flow diagrams that outline the path a user will take in the app based on what was previously identified in the user stories during our exploratory planning phase. Our UX/UI design experts use this tool to ensure that each user is able to utilize the app efficiently.

Other mobile app development tools and tactics that we employ include:

  • Identification of target markets
  • SWOT analysis and needs breakdown
  • System requirements inquiry
  • Technical review of systems, processes, and internal architecture
  • Analysis and prioritization of key performance indicators and project goals
  • Solution validation
  • A/B Testing
  • Focus area recommendations and scope of future project suggestions
  • Buy-in projections
  • Stakeholder presentation

Development Outcomes

We’re passionate about mobilizing your business. Our end goal is always to engineer experiences that end users love and want to see. A smartphone screen may be small, but you’d be amazed at what we can cram into just one page, let alone an entire interface. We believe that constraints foster creativity and problem-solving, making iOS and Android development an ideal playground for our researchers and developers.

Myriad Mobile will help you create more efficient business processes, giving your employees access on the go. Our team will construct incredible mobile systems while working alongside your IT staff and R&D departments to develop mobile apps that best suit the needs of both you and your consumers. We’ll be by your side every step of the way; whether you want to take the lead or follow along.

At Myriad Mobile, we do more than “just build apps.” When you build with Myriad, you’ll gain not only an outstanding mobile application but a deeper analysis of your project and its potential. With the assistance of our engineers, designers, strategists, and project managers, we’ll walk you through the three phases of a new mobile app’s lifespan.

Iterative Development

This process starts with a twelve-day average sprint cycle, which keeps transparency high and timelines in check. From iOS to Android, our engineers are passionate about staying current with the latest and greatest technology. Our team has the unique capability to adhere to platform standards while maintaining a creative and unique vision. Our focus on API integration will allow your app to communicate and work efficiently in all ways.

Product Launch

Pushing an application to the app store or enterprise account is the final checkpoint for development. Myriad manages the submission and review process which entails working with the Apple App Store for app acceptance.

Quality Assurance

Internal reviews of each app iteration provides in-line feedback, ensuring mutual expectations are continually being achieved. We won’t simply take off once your app has hit the market, our team will be constantly checking in to see how the app is performing and assess if there are any improvement opportunities.

Build it Better
with Myriad Mobile

At Myriad Mobile, we move at the speed of technology-velocity. This means that we’re constantly pushing ourselves to build smarter and better. Whether you and your entire team want to be in on the entire process, or you’re looking for someone to take the lead, you can rest assured knowing that when you choose to build with Myriad, you’re putting your app in the right hands.

We’ll use our patented blend of tactics to guide your app through its development phase and past its launch. We don’t simply say goodbye after an app has launched, our team will constantly be checking your app’s performance and researching market and industry data and trends to identify key opportunities for evolution and advancement.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Come and take your first steps into the world of mobile app development with Myriad Mobile.