Mobile Strategist

Brittany Butler contributes her background in communications to the strategy position. Throughout her education at Minnesota State University Moorhead, she has focused on English and mass communications, with a concentration on the publishing industry. Prior to Myriad, Brittany worked as a trainer and editor. She lives her life in accordance with her three personal values: integrity, creativity, and empathy. In her free time, Brittany writes and collaborates with other writers, devours books, plays video games, and throws hair ties at her cats.

Discovering the hidden; challenging assumptions.

I am a big fan of getting lost in books that challenge my imagination and my perspective of the world, which means I am in love with old, dry volumes from forgotten times as well as any short story collections I can get my hands on. This delight in learning corresponds to my day-to-day activities at Myriad. I thrive on discovering hidden things and challenging my preconceived assumptions. I channel that energy into exploring and investigating workable mobile solutions for our clients. A functional requirements document, with its organized, broken down pieces and technical jargon, is just as inspiring to me as the initial research and brainstorming I do with clients. And while I still haven’t convinced anyone on the team to pick up and read an old, dated encyclopedia, I can convince them to look at a requirements documents every once in awhile.