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Bushel Website

Make it easy to share key information with Bushel Website™. Request a demo today to learn how it can benefit your organization.

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What Is Bushel Website?

Bushel Website is a web building and hosting tool that we created specifically for ag businesses. It helps improve how you manage cash bids, provide market commentary, and send alerts to your farmers.

Why Others Use Bushel Website

Grain merchandiser at work
For Managers

Helps your team react quickly to market or business changes by simplifying how to share that information with farmers. It allows your farmers to be aware of what’s happening in the market, at your location, and in the forecast.

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For Originators and Merchandisers

Grow stronger relationships with farmers by making it easy to share and understand key information on one convenient site.

How Bushel Website Works

After logging into the online portal, you can create and publish updates to go live on your website. From this portal, you can also send notifications by text message or email out to all of your farmers or a specific group of farmers. You can access the online portal from anywhere, so you can make changes wherever you might be working at the moment.

Features and Benefits of Bushel Website

Each website comes with an admin tool, which powers all the features and capabilities of Bushel Website. With this complete system, you’re better equipped to handle all the challenges and opportunities that comes with working in the ag industry. The features included allow you to:

  • Easily manage cash bids
  • Quickly relay the right information to the right people
  • Make your company more convenient to do business with
  • Share sensitive accounting information through a secured channel

View All Features

Futures Market

Buy and sell contracts online via the Bushel Website.

New and Most-Used Features


Custom Branding

Customize the website to fit your brand, giving you a high-polished website that sets you apart from the competition.

Digital push notification feature of Bushel Mobile

Send Out Alerts

Send out market alerts, text messages, and emails to your farmers through the online admin portal.


News and Commentary

Provide news and commentary so your farmers know what’s happening in the market.

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