Leadership from the Start

Like Rome, your app wasn’t built in a day. Also like Rome, your app demanded serious leadership to build from the ground up. While we don’t call them Emperors at Myriad, our Project Managers act with the same leadership as they direct your vision to creation––most of the time without a crown on their heads. Most of the time.

Project Managers are the ringleaders for each project. They keep tabs on multiple projects while providing specific leadership and touch points for clients. Your project’s every need is attended to thanks to the watchful eyes of our Project Management team.

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Industry Smart

Our Project Management team is good at what they do because they understand the industry. The PM’s that manage your project know not only your vision but the exact software that will be used and why it’ll work. These smarts aren’t a nice to have, but a crucial part of your project’s success. You wouldn’t go to a car dealership that relied only on their mechanics to understand how their cars work. For the same concept, our PM’s know the software your app needs.

When tasked with overseeing entire projects from the ground up, serious time, effort, and push are required. There are multiple teams that are involved in the process of your app development. This means that there are multiple steps happening at once while at different stages.

Project Managers dig into each step in order to give the best feedback to clients. Because of this constant awareness of different processes, our Project Management team has daily updates from different teams on projects. Always aware, and always involved, our Project Managers have your project covered.

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Communication Experts

PM’s are the ears and mouth of every project. Everything that comes in, Project Managers let teammates know. Every update happening inside the project, Project Managers let clients know. They truly are the gatekeepers of continuous information to keep every project up to speed and running soundly.

When you hand over your idea for us to develop, you want to know what the heck is going on. Timelines, expected hiccups, forecasting–– through all these crucial steps for your app, our PMs stay on top of it. Our PMs believe in the power of projection. They blueprint project needs and conquer from there.

Assigning tasks with accurate timelines ensure the foundation of each client’s project is built with an individualized plan in mind. Open transparency between clients and teammates is how we ensure issues are solved and timelines are met.

Our Tools

To keep on track and stay sane with the inflow of information, our Project Managers are fluent in a number of management tools including:

  • Jira
  • FreshDesk
  • Harvest
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Jenkins
  • iTunes Connect
  • Google Play Console

With our wide array of management offerings, our Project Managers stand as your project’s first-string players. When there are any questions needing to be answered, or requests to be filled, there are no limits that our PM’s would not go to guarantee your app’s success. Start succeeding today.

At Myriad, we believe in teams of smart, creative people.
We’ll bring in the right resources at the right times, to help you make the most informed decisions.