Quality is Our Assurance to You

After your app has its final touches coded in and is designed to optimal perfection, it is finally released into the hands of our Quality Assurance and Support team. After this transition, many, many, many tests are performed on your app. Our QA and Support team thoroughly vets each functionality so that a flawless app is returned to your hands at the end of testing. While this handoff may seem like an end of our journey together, we’re far from finished.

Long after the release of your app, our team is testing, retesting, and catching any bugs that may arise in your app. We have a QA & Support team because we go further than just testing out your app. We support you after you receive your app. If you have questions about features or how certain functionalities flex, our Support team is here to give you an exact answer, because they know your project as if it was their own.

Myriad Mobile

Right from the Get-Go

Our QA and Support team is here for you early on in the development process. They know through and through your project’s needs and functionalities. This knowledge ensures that you’ll receive a product that has quality embedded through each line of code and is up to our Myriad standards––thanks to the watchful eyes of our QA and Support team.

With daily meetings and reporting, our full force QA & Support team is up to date on every and any issue that may trickle in. In these meetings, our QA & Support teams meet up to combine brainpower for your project. There are multiple watchful eyes reviewing your app so that even the smallest issues can be fixed fast. Our QA arsenal includes a variety of tools that focus to polish and buff any bumps in your app’s journey.

Our Tools

A few of our QA engineers’ best practice tools include:

  • Support board
  • Push Notifications
  • Real-time notice of any issues
  • Client Support
  • Person-to-person contact. No pretend support line here.
  • App hosting
  • Service plans
  • Security audits
Myriad Mobile

Testing Makes Perfect

There are no certainties in the software industry. Things break, and requirements change. Our QA and Support team’s promise to our clients is that we are one step ahead. If something crashes or glitches, our team is already on it. As soon as your app has entered the building phase, we will continually ensure that it is being built to the highest industry standards. At Myriad, we built it right the first time.

Your app doesn’t go through one look-over. There are many, many iterations that your app scrubs through in order to become the app of your dreams. We don’t only look for bugs; we check to make sure that what’s being built is what you agreed to and that each step we take is performed in the pursuit of reaching your original development goals.

With our new support system, we get bug reports fast. This means we are able to fix these bugs right away and get your app back to its tip-top shape. Within seconds of you submitting an issue, our QA team receives an IM, email, and notification on our support board. Our team works to reproduce that issue so that we can give our software engineers the specifications they need to fix the issue.

Your app’s final stage is never quite complete. We don’t shake hands and slam the door on your way out. With our QA and Support staff, your app remains healthy and sound. To your exposal is the smartest line of defense for your project. For any assistance you may need, we’re there for you. Start ensuring your app here.

At Myriad, we believe in teams of smart, creative people.
We’ll bring in the right resources at the right times, to help you make the most informed decisions.