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We strongly believe that we’re only truly successful if our customers succeed. Here are what other customers are saying about their experience working with Bushel and using our products and services.

Scoular - Omaha, NE

"We've leveraged technology to help us drive that visibility into logistics." - Jeff Schreiner, Chief Information Officer

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Big River Resources

“We decided to go with Bushel because Bushel was the most simple and effective way to offer that hands-on data communication with our growers.”
– Allie Hagberg, Commodity Controller

Luckey Farmers, Inc.

“We’re utilizing the Bushel software to help manage growers’ data, from grain contracts, to ticketing, to settlements – streamlined, easy process for the growers.”
– Andrew Gladden, IT Manager

Agriland FS

“We’ve seen a wonderful return on our investment. It really helps out with our communication to the farmers. They can see all of their contracts, they can see their settlements, they can see their tickets.”
– Fletcher Sunderman, Merchandiser

The Arthur Companies

“We use Bushel’s software to get more information into the hands of the growers and it cuts down on the communication between the customer and the grain elevator so it allows us to do our business more efficiently.”
– Jeremy TenBroek, The Arthur Companies

Roggen Farmers Elevator

“[Bushel’s products] have put us at the forefront of relevancy in the technological advancements of ag. Our producers have nearly instant access to tickets and contract applications which is something they demand.”
– Mike Urbanowicz, Grain Merchandiser

AGRIServices of Brunswick

I recommend that companies work with Bushel. I just love what’s going on with them.

– Mike Hainline, Grain Merchandiser

Commercial Grain Business
Frontier Cooperative

“It’s [Bushel Mobile and Trade] a tool that we’ve brought to our company that has helped our team tremendously.”

– Bryan Choutka, Senior VP of Grain

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Loading Grain on a railcar in Ohio
TriOak Foods

“Bushel Trade streamlines the process of updating basis, managing offers, and purchasing grain. Before we had a few companies doing a piece here and a piece there, now they’re all on the same platform, which is very convenient. ”
– Jacob Wolken, Merchandiser

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Bushel Ag in Kansas
Woodall Grain

“I’m blown away by the [eSign] contract aspect. It saved us a lot of time here in the office from administrative headaches.”

– Lou Pfister, Director of Operations

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Ritzville Warehouse Company

“Bushel stood out to us pretty dramatically in regards to the most value-added way of answering some of these simple questions so we’re not consumed with them. Our customers can answer them themselves and get it much more quickly.”

– Pat Yerxa, Grain Merchandiser

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Bushel Ag in Kansas
Ririe Coop

“If you don’t have it, you’re just kind of behind the times and don’t have what the farmers want. The farmers want the ability to have all that information at their fingertips. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out.”
– Lee Andersen, Manager

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Two farmers pointing at laptop screen.
SB&B Foods

“[With Bushel Farm] we have access to get data from our farmers – their field records – in a much more seamless manner, and therefore, we can aggregate that data and get that to our customers as they need it. Consumers today are requiring much, much more transparency, and this is an easy way we can do that.”
– Scott Sinner, Partner at SB&B Foods

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Delphos Coop

“The platform has all the most important things in their day-to-day lives: checking prices, signing contracts, paying invoices, etc. It has everything they need for the day in one package." - Brett Courson, General Manager

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Minnesota Soybean Processors – Brewster, MN

“Being able to access information on the application without
having to wait on us was very beneficial to our producers.”

– Rob Hofstra, MnSP

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Arthur Companies – Arthur, ND

“Innovation has always been a part of the farming culture. Everyone has a phone, more and more people are doing business on the phone. We have to make sure we’re staying on top of that to provide that to our customers.”

– John Melland, CFO

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Bushel Ag in Kansas

CoMark Equity Alliance – Enid, OK

“With the app, it’s an opportunity to keep co-ops local and give them everything they need in a market thats changing so fast.”


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Walsh Grain Terminal – Park River, ND

“They just know more. It’s made our jobs easier with guys looking at cash bids and prices more.”

– Kilen Flanagan, Grain MERCHANDISER

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United Ag – El Campo, TX

“We have always aligned very well with Bushel, because of the fact that our core values are the same.”

– Lindsey Bowers, Grain Merchandiser

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Bushel Ag in Kansas
Riceland Co-op - Stuttgart, AK

“It’s really self-explanatory. As soon as you open it up, you find what you need to find. It comes real close to satisfying all the questions farmers have.”


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