We bring ideas to life.

As Mobile Strategists, we pride ourselves on our ability to ask the right questions. Using our expertise, we ask smart (and often unexpected!) questions to guide the conversation. This phase of the project is critical to its success, and we begin with the end in mind.

We lay the foundation.

Our Mobile Strategists will collaborate with you to create a set of detailed User Stories. These stories are the building blocks that become the foundation of your project. In fact, every design and line of code starts here. As a Mobile Strategist, I want to help you create a great app so that you have an enjoyable experience with Myriad!

We focus on creative consulting.

Every client comes to a project with a budget in mind. We work with you to make sure that features are prioritized based on your company’s vision and goals. We want to ensure you get the best value, and focus on Minimum Viable Products and smart updates for future versions.

We bring the right people together.

There are many components to a project. As Mobile Strategists, we work closely with Project Management to ensure that Design, Architecture, and Development resources are brought into the project when needed. Our goal is to involve the right people at the right time and ensure no details are missed or lost in translation.


Meet Amanda.

Meet Amanda.

Mobile Strategist | Fargo

Amanda brings together "all the things!" and makes the complicated easy to understand, implement, and iterate.

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