Quality from the beginning.

Developing an application is much like building a house, it’s a long process and the foundation is the most important. That’s why we in Quality Assurance are involved early on in the process. As soon as your app is being built we are checking to make sure it’s being built right. We don’t only look for bugs, we check to make sure that what’s being built is what you agreed to and that each step we take is to reach your goals.

Our assurance to you.

With our new support system we get your bug reports fast. Within seconds of you submitting your issue we receive an IM, an email and notification on our support board of a new issue. Our team then works to reproduce that issue so that we can give our software engineers the specifics they need to fix the issue. Long after your app is released, we put quality first.


Meet Langston.

Meet Langston.

QA Manager | Fargo

Langston is our bug catcher. He tests and tests and tests until all the kinks are worked out. And then he tests again.

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