iOS Engineer

Alex attended NDSU for Computer Science and, during his time there, was a member of Delta Upsilon where he served as Treasurer, Loss Prevention, and Academic Excellence. Through his experiences in college he came to learn about Bitcoin and went on to co-found the Fargo Bitcoin Meetup. Alex is an avid do-it-yourselfer; he loves the opportunity to work on new projects and learn from them. You can frequently find him musing over new speaker cabinet designs as he has a passionate love for music.

I want the apps we produce to be successful.

I want them to add value to our clients businesses and provide an amazing experience for the end user. I do my best to better myself with every project so that I can write cleaner, better architected code. This creates the environment for a stable, user friendly app and a codebase that is easy to maintain. When I find patterns that work exceptionally well, I abstract them to the point where I can create easy to use libraries that will save my peers time (and hair) as well as improve consistency between projects.