Senior Software Architect, Bushel

David is the lead web developer here at Myriad Mobile. He’s worked for more than eight years at young tech companies in the area (even had his own for a few of months). He has an insatiable love for solving problems and getting work done. In fact, his second greatest joy in life is completing projects. When he’s not completing projects for clients he’s spending time with his family. This mostly consists of chasing after his child, building Lego block towers and discovering new playgrounds. Every once in awhile he finds time to read a book and drink a Sodbuster.

Tailor-made for our clients.

The team at Myriad are like master tailors who know how to craft a fine set of clothes for whomever comes through the door. This means we take the time to understand the shape of our clients problems. My job as the lead web developer is to make sure the measurements are accurate, each cut is just enough, and each stitch is tight. This ensures our clients get a solution that fits just right.