HR & Finance Assistant

Jaci has lived in Fargo for the last 11 years, in which time she has gained an amazing and supportive husband, a creative and funny son, degrees in Auto Body and Refinishing Technology, Welding Technology and working to complete Business Management. Jaci can be found reading, watching Christmas movies and planning Christmas crafting (she lives Christmas all year), rescuing cats (she has 4) or researching the how's and why's of the world. Jaci’s favorite app is Pinterest as she easily gets lost in endless tapping and pushing her interests to new heights, such as natural weed control and recipes for picky eaters. Family time is paramount, and they enjoy trips to ‘The Cities’, hot rods, playing mouse on a string with their cats and trying to train their clown-like golden retriever to just do what they ask. Jaci finds joy in living simple, being grateful and coffee...lots of coffee.