Web Engineer

Josh attended college for Chemistry and enjoyed the freedom of finding answers by any means in Physics and Math but grew bored with the rigorously pre-defined laboratory procedures he was required to follow for most of his core classes. While attending college he spent a great deal of time learning about analyzing systems and predicting and studying results of inputs on that system through his classes, interactions with programmer friends and playing video games. From this he learned something about himself: Josh really enjoys finding loopholes and exploiting systems. He is most happy when he's immersed in learning the rules and flows of a new system and attempting to find the outcomes of expected, and more interestingly, unexpected user interactions.

Testing, testing, and more testing.

I have a very analytical mind, and it’s my firm belief that you can’t always properly tell when something has broken if you don’t understand the system. For this reason I work very closely with our strategy and design teams to determine what our clients want to happen by familiarizing myself with an application’s requirements. From there I can create test cases that define what should be done and how the app should react. After that, I have to get a little more creative. With a strong understanding of a system comes the potential pitfall of doing things you’re expected to do, but an important part of the QA process is to do everything you CAN do, which often means doing things that no one expects users to do and making sure that doesn’t corrupt anything in the application.