iOS Engineer

A native of Moorhead, Minnesota and a graduate of NDSU, Kristian is right at home at Myriad. When the very first iPhone came out when he was in high school, Kristian realized how powerful of a tool it could become and bought a book on iPhone development. He was pretty dumbfounded when he opened that book, but a few thousand Google searches and a strong desire to create helped him develop a passion for mobile. When he isn't at a keyboard, you can usually find Kristian shooting some hoops, making himself go deaf with loud music, or reading about something new.

It’s all connected.

I am a person with a ton of seemingly unrelated interests, but my view is that its not hard to find connections if you look hard enough. My favorite thing to do is learn about new topics, and think of ways to connect what I’ve learned to other areas I am passionate about. I believe this perspective is especially helpful here at Myriad. I love picking up new techniques after experimenting with a technology I’ve never used before, or even learning that studying ants can help us make better algorithms. Our team has the same passion for acquiring and applying knowledge to make the work we do really stand out.