QA Engineer Lead

Langston attended college at North Dakota State University for Zoological Sciences. He is currently fulfilling the role Quality Assurance Lead here at Myriad. He has held a variety of jobs, but the majority of them involved human interaction. Most recently, Langston was a lead bartender at Mezzaluna. In the ever-changing ecosystem of the service industry, he learned to prioritize multiple issues and get things done. This translates nicely into the world of Quality Assurance because new bugs are always on the horizon. When he isn’t striving towards perfection in quality, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Bethany. Langston enjoys running, guitar, frisbee golf, Rubik’s cubes, and learning Japanese. He is happy to be one of the Myriad family and looks forward to his future with the organization. If you are ever in the office, feel free to stop by the QA corner and strike up a little conversation.

I’m here to help.

My approach to quality is based on communication, efficiency, and attention to detail. Being able to handle both broad issues and small blockers coupled with my affinity for conversation allow me to catalyze efficient collaboration. I’ve learned from running that persistence and consistency are also indispensable assets. This particular toolbox has enabled me to bring a customer-centric approach to quality at Myriad. I seek to improve trust and candor with both clients and co-workers in the fast-paced world of software development.