Marketing Coordinator

Madison is at the heart of all things Marketing and Coordinating. Pumping out content, event planning, and the freshest upkeeps of #socials, Madison blissfully lives out the days as a Marketing Coordinator. A recent Concordia grad, Madison can be found nose-deep in anything Bronte, pinning the funkiest "wanderlust" Pinterest hotspots, or chasing after dog-walkers to pat their pups when she isn't on the prowl for the newest marketing trends.

We hand-pick the very best.

To me, Myriad brings the very best of what it means to be a creatively oriented business. Each and everyday, scary-smart work is produced with the highest quality for clients, while living in the best curated environment. Myriad has developed a culture that thrives on the accomplishments of every teammate, while focusing on the needs of clients. The best part of working here is the continuous flow of learning and growing. There truly is no place like Myriad.