Director of Engineering, Services

The brother of CEO Jake Joraanstad, Nathan is Myriad's first employee. Programming from his bedroom in high school, Nathan started out in Android and later switched to iOS. He spends his days at Myriad developing applications while improving our efficiency by curating continuous integration systems for the iOS Team. When not at work, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, watching movies, camping, visiting with friends, leading a small group with River City Church, and playing the piano. He has a tenacious passion for learning, having become a certified EMT in high school and then graduating from NDSU with a degree in Computer Engineering. He can often be found reading books on theology, history, philosophy, politics, and the classics. In addition to his engineering work, he and his wife sell apples in the North Dakota/Minnesota area every fall, shipped fresh from his wife's Michigan family farm.

Finding solutions that make a difference.

The best thing about working at Myriad is that we get to help our clients identify real-world problems, find solutions that make a difference, and then make those solutions into works of art. We have a brilliant team here. Everyone has a passion for learning, a love for solving problems, and a strong desire for creativity and efficiency. I love getting up in the morning with new ideas to vet, new problems to solve, and new people to meet. To see something that I have made make a real difference for others is a cherished experience that motivates me to keep improving.