Web Engineer

Per is a professional conversation derailer who likes to topic hop at a moment's notice. His hobbies change from day to day making it very difficult to keep up what he’s currently doing. The ever-growing list of both past and present hobbies include cardistry, video games, hard candy making, drawing, soccer, basketball, Star Wars figure collecting, paintball, and esoteric grammar.
Per comes from a Japanese/Scandinavian mixed family and didn't know shoyu was called soy sauce until the 9th grade. To add to his list of hobbies, Per has been looking to get into prop making via woodworking, programmable LEDs, metalworking, and EL wire.

You’ll find me where the logic lies.

I bring 7 years experience from a startup company where we built a brand new telephony system from scratch.  A lot of strong problem solving lessons and skills were gained from foraging out into unknown territory where little guidance and a lot of creative work arounds were needed.  Being a logic based person, I bring a strong desire to work through problems from end to end and eliminate fluff not required for a working solution. I’m proud to bring a strong mid-western work ethic to the ever growing team.