Android Engineer

Sam is enthusiastic about Android. From its history and philosophy to its design and development, he passionately views projects with Android-colored lenses. Sam is a recent NDSU graduate but always remains a scholar. Sam studies a broad array of topics outside of development including music performance and production, exotic animal keeping, constructed languages, and film. When not studying, he can be found watching soccer and avidly supports Arsenal FC, USA's National Men's and Women's teams, FC Fargo, and Minnesota United.

Always learning.

There will never be a point where I am completely satisfied with how much I know. Everything interests me. There is always another article to ponder, another book to read, and another perspective to consider. What I care most about is the quality of the software I write. This affects not only the source code, but the final product in a user’s hands. I aim for every project I work on to be twice as good as the previous.