We build custom software because your business is unique, your users are unique, and so are your pain points.

Our Strategists are the brains that ensure the solutions you’re receiving fit your business, users, and solve your problems. We approach every project as a unique problem to be discovered and maintain high level of flexibility and creativity in our approach.

Strategy and Consulting Team

Mobile and Web Consulting

We identify key stakeholders, and have real and honest conversations about paint points, inefficiencies, the user journey, and opportunities for growth. We help identify clear markers for success and determine the best ways to measure them. Our consulting process changes depending on your business specific needs and goals.


  • Needs/SWOT analysis
  • Target market identification
  • System requirements gathering
  • Technical reviews systems, processes, and architecture
  • Prioritize KPI’s and project goals
  • Solution validation
  • A/B Testing
  • Recommend focus areas and scope for future projects
  • Project buy-in and presentations for stakeholders
  • Identification of additional innovation paths
Myriad Mobile

Validation Process

We understand how users adopt new technologies and services and we have coached hundreds of clients on best practices at whatever stage of the process they are at. We work with you to understand the value of your product or process and consult with you about your strategy for bringing your idea to life. That journey begins with validating your idea and your target customer.


  • Analyze the value and marketability of ideas
  • Competitive market research
  • Construct foundations for business strategies and pricing models
  • Reveal target customers and branding personas
  • Create and analyze user surveys
  • Coaching interviews and user research best practice
  • Build roadmap
  • Suggested course of action
Myriad Mobile

Discovery Process

We meet with clients to brainstorm and prioritize what features will be included in the mobile solution. We document what needs to happen for each specific feature, per your business’s and user’s requirements. We take pride in this part of the process because it ensures a holistically planned project while saving clients vast amounts of money spinning wheels in development.


  • Facilitate kickoff meeting
  • Review existing systems
  • Uncover business requirements
  • Plan minumum viable product and future phases for best technical roadmap
  • Document and suggest functional requirements
  • Provide detailed development estimation

Case Studies

At Myriad, we believe in teams of smart, creative people.
We’ll bring in the right resources at the right times, to help you make the most informed decisions.