1 Million Cups seeks to inspire communities with the freshest and most innovative ideas. Buzzing entrepreneurs gather together to concoct these visions.

Myriad Mobile


Being home to one of the largest 1 Million Cups communities, avid attendees, and presenters ourselves, Myriad Mobile was delighted to join Crema Labs in creating the pilot 1 Million Cups iOS and Android apps.


Making an app that would be efficient as possible for the busiest of entrepreneurs is what we envisioned. Developed for iOS platform, a clean and functional UX/UI design backs up this project to show off its feature-set.

Myriad Mobile


  • iOS platform
  • Swift filter system
  • Push notifications
  • GPS navigation
  • Archive video of past presenters
  • Presenter bio and contact information

Getting to know your community and flexing your opportunist muscle is what 1MC is all about.  

Myriad gets you there.

Myriad Mobile