Farmers know that sugar beets are not a thing to mess with. With the risk at hand, there needs to be a way to customize and deliver sugar beet recommendations for their growers in the upper midwest.


With hefty experience in the agriculture industry, (see Bushel), there was no better partner than with Myriad Mobile. Having inside knowledge saved copious amounts of time on both ends of the partnership by having an understanding of client needs. 


By integrating with the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, the functionality of the app valued in real-time data. We know how important accurate weather data is for farmers, so we made sure to make this a central feature within the app.


  • Deliver real-time weather data
  • Soil temperature information
  • Conditions that favor disease and insect development

Knowing weather and soil conditions in real-time is crucial to producing good-quality commodities. It just got way easier.

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