Aveda sells it’s prized beauty products online, in salons, and in department stores. Tracking points across various retailers and POS systems has posed a challenge to tracking Aveda’s Pure Privilege rewards.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad Mobile worked with Tecmark and Aveda to digitize the Pure Privilege rewards system with an in-store solution.


Myriad designed and developed a custom iPad app that integrates into Aveda’s Pure Privilege rewards database. Guests can make purchases and points are awarded immediately towards their balances.

Myriad Mobile


  • Provides salon employees alerts to missing customer information
  • Guests can also redeem their points in store and salon
  • Apply for specialty promotions from individual accounts

The new system reduces paper waste and eases the friction to enrollment, strengthens the extensive database by providing salon employees alerts to missing customer information, and gives the customer’s more control over their points where they want it most–in the salon.

Myriad Mobile