Clients Jana and Loren Younggren know the frustrations of traveling with limited mobility. Jana was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis during adult life. Being avid travelers, she and her husband Loren began to feel the increased difficulties of traveling as the effects of the disease slowly necessitated the use of a wheelchair. Because of the oversights of popular booking sites, Jana and Loren spend hours calling hotel to hotel searching for appropriate accommodations. Often only to show up at the hotel and discover that the promised room doesn’t actually suit their needs. Especially in the bathroom.

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The Younggrens took their problem and formulated a solution, which they began pitching at events like Startup Weekend Grand Forks and Innovate ND. After meeting with success and enthusiasm behind the idea, the Younggrens took their baby to Myriad, avid startup weekend participants and regular supporters of 1 Million Cups tech community.


Myriad’s mission to support the Younggren’s in their startup adventure was to provide strategic and MVP consulting, building a strong vision around which to launch quickly and cost effectively. Myriad’s Strategy and Design team took the problem, helped to define the vision, and build out the how, to empower the client with a clear path forward: a design, technical strategy, and a build-out estimate.

Myriad Mobile


We worked the clients towards becoming investment ready and provided a Strategic Deck for ease of pitching. The Younggrens have taken the deck to investors, hotel chains, and community supporters where they continue to garner support for the startup.

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