Myriad’s devotion to tech shone through the CONEXPO project partnership with Bobcat as a VR tool came to life.

Myriad Mobile


Detailed with the sharpest practical functions, Myriad brought to the scene applicable VR technology that nods towards the next steps of industry technology.


We crafted a 360 degree camera system within a Bobcat machine that pipes camera feed over the air to an Oculus headset on a field of view. This tool strings optics and pitfalls together to create a useful safety tool within the construction industry.

Myriad Mobile


  • 360 degree camera system
  • Remote control maneuvering function
  • 1st person view from 1,500 feet

Myriad’s team refocused their tools to create something that was only dreamt of before. Tinkering and clinking with Bobcat concocted a proof of concept. The future doesn’t seem so far away after all.