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The ag industry demands its own set of innovative tech tools. Within a hypercompetitive industry, remaining ahead of the competition means doing something no one else can do. Our team at Myriad Mobile has honed our agriculture insight in combination with our tech foundation to develop an industry-first ag tech product that is disrupting the ag industry today––Bushel.

Myriad Mobile


As a product of Myriad Mobile, Bushel was founded, and now lives, under our own roof. The grain industry’s first automated mobile app platform seeks to strengthen the relationship between elevators and their growers.

Myriad Mobile


The Bushel mobile app platform integrates into grain elevators’ accounting systems to provide growers access to their contracts, scale tickets, prepays, cash bids, and markets. With our focus in elevator to grower relationships, growers see their elevators brand and data through our white-labeling approach.


  • Cash bids
  • Futures
  • Contracts
  • Price later contracts
  • Prepays
  • Tickets
  • Weather


Farming may not have been in the cards for us but we want to help our parents’ farm, our uncles, our sisters and brothers; keep the farm in the family. It means something to us. Bushel is our way of contributing to the farm. Start your best harvest today.

Myriad Mobile

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