Serving over $8 billion in land, equipment, and crop assets at all stages of production, Conservis has a lot going on. Ability to manage what’s going on the farm? Now, that’s one thing they don’t have to worry about thanks to an app.

Myriad Mobile


Knowing agriculture software, Myriad was the perfect partner for Conservis. Together, an agriculture software program was developed in app form for iOS and Android for farm management.


For 7 years running, farmers using Conservis have had the power to be more efficient, more competitive, and more productive season after season. Honing this technology each year is what makes our partnership so great, and in turn, a spectacular app.

Myriad Mobile


  • Allows farmers to track field activities
  • Manage inventories
  • Analyze yields
Myriad Mobile


“What stands out is the work ethic associated with Myriad Mobile, in addition to the team being technically astute.”

— VP of Engineering, Conservis

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