At ConExpo, the largest construction conference in the western hemisphere, companies bring their best. This means freshening up their apps to promote quality user experience.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad was brought in through an on-going partnership with 3-Rivers Marketing, the agency of record for Danfoss. Located in Des Moines, they brought a team of strategists and design down for an all-day in-person discovery session where we explored the current app’s strengths and downfalls, and planned for future growth and iteration.


We wrote an Android and iOS app that connects to their sales force and CMS. We built the app to support not only Conexpo, but all events that Danfoss hosts or sends clients and staff to.

And we got to show off our expertise in beacons. 

Myriad Mobile


  • Shows all events
  • Receive reminders for sessions within an event
  • Receive invites for invite-only events
  • Uses beacon tech to unlock special challenges, which drive participation to the app and builds out Danfoss’ contact list

Myriad traveled to ConExpo/IFPE (we had three apps there! Bobcat, Danfoss, and John Deere) where we got to see the app being used in the wild.

Myriad Mobile