Teachers need to have efficient ways monitoring kids that have difficulty within the classroom. One teacher developed an idea that’d disrupt the education field. Edfiniti: a proprietary behavior monitoring IP based on 15 years of classroom experience collecting, monitoring, and assessing data.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad Mobile brought to life one teacher’s dream. By teaming together, we created an app that ultimately transforms the way educators monitor and teach their students.


The team at Myriad Mobile listened to Edfiniti’s vision and helped guide the solution. We assembled our best team of architects, strategists, designers, and engineers, and worked with Edfiniti to produce a cutting-edge platform that integrated with an iOS mobile app and administrative web portal.



Uploaded by Myriad Mobile on 2017-01-05.

Myriad Mobile


  • Immediate data analysis reports
  • Real-time administrative overview of student population
  • Objective measurement of student behavior
  • Research-based behavioral categorization

“They were better than perfect.”

Matthew Myrold, Cofounder, Edfiniti

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Myriad Mobile


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