Myriad Mobile


Myriad knows ag. We know what it takes to make the technology farmers actually want. By taking on the highly popular FieldNET View app by Lindsay Corporation, Myriad was able to produce a sharply constructed app that speaks volumes on our industry experience and user empathy.

Myriad Mobile


With Myriad’s reputation as the leading custom development partner, it was a no brainer to recruit the ag-specialized team to take on the FieldNET®  by Lindsay project. By combining years of custom experience and ag industry expertise, a sound and trusted partnership came to be.

Myriad Mobile


By utilizing the robust platform currently existing within FieldNET app, Myriad’s brilliant team of designers and developers took on a revamp approach. Heavy UX and UI design work went into the project to ensure a simple experience for users. Development took hold of enhancing farmer driven features that allow fast and easy access to an entire irrigation operation. As a fully integrated remote irrigation management tool, FieldNET lets farmers view and control their systems from virtually anywhere.


  • The ability to enable/disable auto-restart and auto-reverse
  • Powerful end gun controls, providing aerial views
  • Improved search tools for equipment and groups
  • The ability to shut down multiple pivots simultaneously
  • Displays time remaining for current circle or until the next stop
  • Streamlined status alerts now delivered via push notification, if desired
  • An improved “one-touch “method to access a free demonstration


“It’s one of the industry’s most cost-effective solutions for remote irrigation management and, with the new app’s flexible, user-friendly interface, it’s never been easier,” – Reece Andrews, director of FieldNET and Zimmatic controls at Lindsay Corporation