Myriad Mobile


Go/Do is a simple, focused mobile app that keeps users up to date on all important events. There’s never “nothing to do” with Go/DO!

Myriad Mobile


When partnering with Myriad Mobile, Go/Do’s team was able to drum up a project that encapsulates both the vision of the Go/Do team in combination with Myriad’s technical expertise.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad values the user experience behind each app. Making apps that are simple to use, yet effective is the focal point behind every project. The information that needed to be implemented into the app could have been a headache for users to scroll through. With a user-first approach, Myriad’s team provided an intuitive and informative app that brings forward all the features the app provides––sans the complicated feel.


  • UX/UI influence
  • GPS mapping
  • Calendar syncing
  • Social sharing functionalities
  • Filter featuring
  • Ticket sourcing


The Go/Do app helps you quickly and easily find things to do for your family and friends. No more searching multiple websites, saving schedules, or tearing out magazine pages. Go/Do has activities for all kinds of interests, and organizes it so you don’t have to!

Myriad Mobile

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