At the John Deere CONEXPO-CON/AGG, a lot goes down. When invited to create a tool that brings the sales team to customers’ direct call, Myriad knew exactly what to bring.

Myriad Mobile


As the overarching equipment leader in the ag space, John Deere was a perfect partner for us. We know how precise ag equipment information must be in the purchasing process to give growers exactly what they are looking for.


With precise user experience in mind, we were able to decipher what makes purchasing equipment challenging, and how technology could make it easier. From this we customized a customer-smart tool for specifically iPads that enables users and salesmen to have the most fluid and transparent relationship yet.

Within the savvy functionality of the app, it gets even smarter as it provides relational information with other engines in the John Deere Power Systems.


  • UX design emphasis
  • Filtering system through lists
  • Custom-built
  • Exploration option of other John Deere engines

By taking a fresh, tech-take on the brochure, Myriad has introduced the future of sales and expo services.