MetaFarms needs to continue to serve their customers by being where they are and tracking information where the information happens–in the barn. Offline capability is important.

Myriad Mobile


When MetaFarms brought the feed expertise, Myriad brought the ag-tech. Partnering together, a powerhouse team was made to incorporate two sides of expertise. Together, a mobile suite to strengthen MetaFarm’s impressive livestock tracking platform was made.


Myriad works closely with the development team and within the MetaFarm’s existing dev environment to streamline workflows. With Xamarin and Xamarin form platforms, Myriad structured two apps for MetaFarms that incorporates the existing structure of MetaFarm’s web.

Myriad Mobile

Metafarms App Video

Uploaded by Myriad Mobile on 2017-01-25.


  • Real-time data
  • On-the-go auditing
  • Filtering system
  • Logging function

“Myriad was clearly the best option to rapidly build out a robust enterprise ag strategy to serve the emerging needs of our customers.”

-Brian Parker, MetaFarms, VP of Market Development

Myriad Mobile