Midco wanted a way for customers to have more control managing and understanding their account. Access to account- details makes for a streamlined process between business and customer.

Myriad Mobile


With a long time partnership, Myriad Mobile has been updating Midco’s tech with exact client requests in mind. This partnership has evolved to create the most technologically-sound apps to keep customers’ peace of mind even sounder.  


We know that to make manageability precise and on-point, updates are key. With multiple revisions for Android and iOS, architecture of the Midco app remains fluid with whatever comes it way. Heavy UX/UI within design makes it delightfully simple to use.

Myriad Mobile


  • Reset your email password.
  • Troubleshoot your services.
  • View your statement and pay your bill.
  • Swap premium channels and order select pay-per-view events in the app.
  • Get account notifications.
  • Account preferences
  • Parental control

It’s easier than ever to connect to your Midco account right from your phone or mobile device. Just download the Midco My Account App and log in with your My Account credentials.

Myriad Mobile


Android – iPhone – iPad

Download the app and log in with your My Account information to get started.

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