A sugar beet co-op working to help Red River Valley farmers efficiently produce sugar and sugar by-products for consumers around the world.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad Mobile worked with Minn-Dak to create a mobile app that brings real-time harvest information to farmers. The app tracks truck loads and scale tickets and aggregates the data to produce real-time snapshots of harvest yields. It allows growers to see harvest yields on the fly during their busiest time of year.


Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative wanted to create a more efficient way for farmers to manage their annual sugar beet harvest campaigns. Instead of paper slips and cards that were easily misplaced or destroyed, they sought a mobile solution that could aggregate data in real-time.


  • Real-time harvest results: Growers are able to track truck loads, truck weights, and quotas in real-time and one centralized location.
  • Historical data analysis: With data in one, centralized location and automatically aggregated, growers are able to see which fields produce the highest yield, which trucks are loaded the most efficiently, and how overall harvest yields are producing.
  • Efficient use of resources: The app eliminated paper slips and time-intensive data compilation during a busy harvest season.


The most recent addition to the updated partnership with Minn-Dak includes a wired hardware box. This tool is used to scan a scale ticket, from which a beet’s temperature is gathered.

Because of the overwhelming success within the Minn-Dak app, our team and Minn-Dak’s have been able to propel forward new versions––all for the benefit of growers.

Happy Clients

“We’ve found that the information we’re providing to growers in real-time is [almost addictive]. They’re always checking the app, checking their loads. They absolutely love it.”

Mike Metzger, Research Agronomist, Minn-Dak

“I was just blown away by all the uses they could find for this ‘stripped-down’ app. I mean, they [growers] would plan their lunch breaks, potty breaks, naps — you name it — based on when the truck would leave the field.”

Tom Knudsen, VP, Agriculture, Minn-Dak

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