Myriad Mobile


Weather is undoubtedly the farmer’s greatest tool. For potato farmers, weather comes into play much more than just predicting when the next rainfall will come. The NDAWN mobile app seeks to improve potato blight management by allowing specific model information in order to alert growers of current conditions and provide them with the best management tools.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad Mobile’s agriculture experience aligned for the perfect partnership with the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network. By defining the best features for farmers in combination with Myriad’s top notch technological expertise resulted in a mobile app that benefits any user behind it.

Myriad Mobile


The North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network’s robust weather data system stands as an industry leader and farmer favorite in ag weather. By utilizing the already impressive array of weather offerings from NDAWN, Myriad’s team implemented GPS and individual field locations to improve accuracy on late and early blight predictions.


  • Blight alert push notifications
  • Live NDAWN weather station data
  • Track field locations
  • Calculate real time field data


By combining model data with NDAWN’s real-time information, potato growers are provided with an improved, comprehensive overview of potato field conditions––all enhancing better decision making.

Myriad Mobile