The logistics of organizing information and getting it out to the correct employees is not a simple process for a large organization. For seamless communication, mobility is the answer.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad Mobile partnered with Nodak to create a native mobile app. With internal communication in mind, Myriad constructed an app to allow Nodak employees to become organized and informed.


We created a native mobile app, which brought the existing Nodak Mutual Insurance website platform to mobility. Through strong strategization and discovery processing, Nodak’s most intricate needs came to development.


  • Management filtering
  • Up-to-date flight information
  • Real-time hotel rates
  • Supporting analytics for decision making


In addition to creating Nodak’s flagship insurance app, Myriad Mobile partnered with them to create Nodak Ontime. The internal travel app allows Nodak’s team to better manage events, trips, flights, hotels, and insightful analytics.

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