Migrating to a digital platform is no longer an option in the insurance realm. With client satisfaction in mind, Pioneer State Mutual Insurance’s CIO began the task.

Myriad Mobile


“While talking with a lot of other companies, I noticed that they reallocated internal team members over to do native mobile applications, and it became an end for people that built it in-house. I felt that the companies that outsourced it to someone who specialized in mobile apps actually had more success. We decided to outsource the app development.”


Myriad Mobile partnered with Pioneer State Mutual Insurance to design and build their pilot iOS and Android apps. We worked extensively with their internal development team building APIs to mobile spec.

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance App Video

Uploaded by Myriad Mobile on 2017-04-24.


  • Pay bills
  • Report claims
  • Quickly show proof of insurance
  • Call for roadside assistance
  • View policy documents

Myriad and Pioneer continue to update the app according to user feedback. Pioneer teams build yearly resources to stay on top of their evolving technology.

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance