Inventory management and clear, transparent tracking of their products is central to Rapat’s ability to scale for their customers. Rapat recognized a need to replace their old process with one that provided higher accuracy and performance.

Myriad Mobile


Rapat Corporation sought out the consultation of  Myriad Mobile. Myriad’s understanding of Rapat’s needs led to a partnership that brought teamwork from both sides. Together, a functional and smart app was created for Rapat employees.

Myriad Mobile


Rapat requested an inventory and shipping scanning solution to replace the paper order lists they use in the warehouse. Our team visited their warehouse and walked through the various jobs of their assemblers and shippers to evaluate the needs of the technology as well as to consult on process on the new scanning devices.

Myriad Mobile


  • Scan items to inventory
  • Validate items to job list
  • Input and Track item details
  • Integrated with an ERP system for real-time data


By giving their employees a custom scanner connected to their ERP software, Rapat has increased accuracy on their orders, improved traceability and accountability, and increased ease of tracking shipments to their customers.

Myriad Mobile

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