Scheels wanted to create an out-of-store experience for customers which was both informative and compelling, to drive in-store experiences utilizing iBeacon technology and share content from the application to social.

Myriad Mobile


Scheels and Myriad strategized how to deploy and maintain a fleet of 205+ iBeacons. This meant collaborating on a broad scale for the many diverse customers of Scheels.


We implemented various platforms to deliver the concise technical detailing needed. This includes reporting, analytics, store management, product management, iBeacon management, message management, and event management.


  • Interactive in-store experience, through iBeacon enabled stores
  • Content feeds by department and athletic interest
  • Event calendar with sharing capabilities
  • Product pages with sharingPush notifications
  • Push notifications

Through Myriad’s work, Scheels was able to have a suit of administrative services at their fingertips. Shopping just got dangerously more fun.

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