You have thousands of friends compiled among all your social media accounts. But this doesn’t mean you have them in your contacts. Accessibility to specific people is challenging.

Myriad Mobile


Myriad gets startups. We are a proud one, ourselves. Shaking on it with an entrepreneurial group, we constructed a native app that ebbs and flows flexibly with every new request.


We got to flex our consulting muscles for this project. Integrating with the mega popular social media sites served as a major success for the app. As a consumer facing project, brilliant design and functionality came as a priority in the end product.

Myriad Mobile


  • 3rd party API integration
  • UX/UI customization
  • Filtering system

With a fast support team, updates and bug cures makes Sprouter as nimble as the social media sites they integrate with. Who knew that the address book would have a comeback?

Myriad Mobile