Myriad Mobile helps organizations create mobile platforms to redefine their competitive advantage, build paperless processes and empower their IT departments to be thought leaders.

We’re a fully integrated service provider that builds and tests every line of code and every design UX/UI within our downtown offices in Fargo. We combine midwest values and world-class mobile strategy and development skills.

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Strategy is the muscle of vision. We’ve been exercising this muscle on hundreds of client projects. Because we’re focused on mobile, we understand it. We are your resource. You can now move with confidence.


Design is about engagement. Making a thing so interesting, that you want to engage with it. Use it. Every day. This is how we see design. It is our relentless vision to imbue every app with this design philosophy.


Once the strategy and design are finalized, our developers work closely with your IT staff to create the best solution. This is where the magic happens.


With the project completed, our support team continues to work with you, helping integrate your new mobile solution and grow your business.